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Welcome to Batey Dominicus! We sincerely appreciate your reservation with us and are delighted to have you as our guest. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable and comfortable experience during your stay in our lovely apartment. To make your stay even more enjoyable, we provide you with a detailed house guide. This document will guide you on how to make the most of the amenities and functionality of our space. Our team is available to assist you at all times. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your time at Batey Dominicus!

Arrival and Entry

IMPORTANT: Write down the code that was sent to you.  If you have not received your entry code, contact me so that I can provide it to you

  • There is no specific parking spot for the apartment. You may use any empty slot.

  • Locate the door of the apartment, it is in the first section of stairs, from the left. Go up one floor. It's the door on the right, marked with the number 202.  

  • Enter the 4-digit code, followed by the pound sign #

  • The lock will open

  • Locate the key of the padlock that will be hanging from the security chain, on your left hand

  • Use the key to open the padlock.  

  • We recommend putting the padlock if you are going to leave the apartment for more than a few hours.

To close the door when you leave

IMPORTANT: Write down the code that was sent to you.  If you have not received your entry code, contact me so that I can provide it to you

  • Pull the door.  

  • While keeping it closed, press the # key,  for more than two seconds.

  • The door will close, and you will hear a "beep"

  • Make sure that the bolt has closed the door properly. If it opens, repeat the steps above.


  • Upon your arrival you will find the refrigerator with the doors open. Close them and send me a message on WhatsApp or through the Airbnb chat application, so that I can remotely activate the refrigerator.

  • The refrigerator is connected to a smart device,  to save electricity. Do not manipulate or disconnect it. 


  • Locate the electricity control panel, located in the closet where the washing machine is, on the left hand side. Verify that the switches marked AA are activated.  

  • In case of any overload, you can verify in this panel that everything is in order.

  • In the Dominican Republic, and particularly in the Dominicus area, electricity has a high cost.

    • Turn off anything that is not in use. ​

    • Use air conditioners only as necessary.

    • The electricity included per day is 20 kWh . Any consumption that exceeds the amount assigned per day, will be charged additionally.  

  • When you leave, turn the air conditioning switches back down, so that they are as they were.

Gas and stove use

  • The stove works with liquefied petroleum gas. The tank is located under the stove.

  • Before use, open the tank valve. After using it, always close it .

  • To activate the stove's spark plug, hold down the corresponding burner knob. Once the fire starts, release it.

  • After each use, please clean it. We will appreciate not leaving it full of grease or food scraps.  


  • In the apartment, there is a trash deposit, usually inside the washing machine area.  

  • In the area, garbage is collected every day. The dumpster is located across the street, usually on the corner.

  • On the day of your departure, deposit all garbage outside. Please do not leave any type of waste in the bathrooms or in the kitchen.

Water Heater

  • The water is heated by means of an electric heater. It is a high consumer of electricity, so it has a 15-minute clock.  

  • Activate it by turning the knob clockwise, before entering the shower


  • The router is located on the white cabinet in the main room. Under normal operating conditions, there will be a solid blue light on.

  • Outside the window is the receiving antenna. All equipment must always be on in order to have service.

  • The standard speed is 1 Mb for download and upload. Higher speeds, up to 5 Mb, are possible for an additional cost. Check it out.

  • If for any reason you lose connectivity or experience problems, before reporting it, turn off the router by unplugging it, wait three minutes, and  reconnect it.

  • Name of the Network: Batey 202. Access code: oeca420312kw1

Broken items

  • If you break any object, please do not throw it away. Report it by sending me a message on WhatsApp or Airbnb, with a photo. and save it. 

Safety Advice

  • Whenever you go out, close and lock windows, especially balcony and bedroom windows.

  • While inside, use the security chain on the front door.

  • Do not open the door to strangers.

  • Do not open the door to people who say they come to inspect the apartment or to repair breakdowns that you have not previously reported. Contact me immediately.

  • Do not invite strangers to the apartment.

  • Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

  • Do not share the entry code with anyone.

  • The entry codes are changed every time a new guest arrives.

  • Use the padlock if you go away for more than a couple of hours, or for extended periods of time. Take the key with you. Use the hook to secure it in your bag or suitcase, and prevent it from getting lost. If you lose the key, the padlock will have to be replaced. The cost of it will be charged to the guest.

  • Do not leave valuables in sight, in the vehicle. Lock your car.

  • If you notice anything strange, contact me immediately.

The day of your departure:

  • You do not have to make the beds, sweep floors etc. Simply fold all sheets and leave on bed.

  • Take out the garbage and deposit it in the container that is outside the condominium.

  • Close the valve on the gas tank

  • Dishes must be washed, and the stove cleaned.

  • Food items left will be donated to the maid.  

  • Lower the power break designated as Air Conditioning. (Only those !. Do not disconnect everything to prevent the internet from shutting down)

  • Verify that the water heater is off.

  • Verify that all lights, fans, and other appliances are off.

  • Close all windows and doors in the apartment. Put safety pins in balcony windows

  • Place the padlock key in the same position it was  when you arrived, on the security chain

  • Make sure you don't forget any of your belongings.  

  • Close the wooden door, iron door and put padlock.

  • Let me know when you're out,  so I can have the cleaning done.

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