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Hello! Welcome!

Once again, thank you for booking with us. Villa Amour is an apartment that offers you all the comforts. Below we offer you the instructions for the house, which will tell you how things work:

Arrival and Entry


IMPORTANT: Write down the code that was sent to you.  If you have not received your entry code, contact me so that I can provide it to you

  • Check in time is 3:00 PM (15:00 hrs). Early arrivals can be accomodated when possible. Please inquire.

  • There is no specific parking space for apartment 303. You can use whatever is free.

  • Locate the door of the apartment, it is in the second section of stairs, from the left. Go up two floors. At the top of the stairs, you will find the door marked 303.  

  • Enter the 7-digit code, and then press the key with the open lock icon.

  • The lock will open

To close the door when you leave

IMPORTANT: Write down the code that was sent to you.  If you have not received your entry code, contact me so I can provide it to you.

  • Pull the door. Since it is made of wood and with the high levels of ambient humidity, it may be possible to have to close it hard.

  • While holding it closed, touch the # key for two or three seconds. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO ENTER THE CODE.

  • The door will close, and you will hear a "beep". A red light will flash.

  • Make sure the latch has closed the door properly. If it is not closed properly, it will emit three short "beeps". After a minute, the door will open by itself. 


  • Upon arrival you will find the refrigerator turned off. Close them and send me a WhatsApp message or through the Airbnb chat application, so that I can remotely activate the refrigerator.

  • The refrigerator is connected to a smart plug,  to save electricity when the apartment is not in use. Do not manipulate or disconnect it. 

Bath towels and bedding

  • We have allocated one bath towel per client, for their stay, as well as one set of bed sheets for each room.

  • Please do not use the bath towels that you may find stored in the cabinet. They are for the cleaning of the next stay. If for any urgent reason you must use new towels or additional bedding, please notify us in advance.

  • The bath towels are not to be used on the beach or in the jacuzzi, for any reason.

  • Under the stairs, above the portable cooler, you will find a set of towels for the beach and for use in the jacuzzi. 

Washing machine

  • The washing machine may be used by guests. We beg you to take good care of it.

  • The machine washes and dries loads of 7 kg (14 lbs) of laundry. or less.

  • To wash and dry, use the program marked "Wash + Dry 7kg"

  • The "Rapido 14" cycle can be used to wash clothes without drying. Up to 14 kg of laundry can be loaded.

  • If you require assistance in the use of the washing machine, we can control it via the remote application. Please load it with clothes and detergent, and contact us for further instructions. 


  • The electrical control panel is located in the auxiliary room to one side of the living room, on the left hand side wall. Verify that all breaker switches are in the on position.  

  • In case of any overload or electrical failure, you can verify in this panel that everything is in order.

  • In the Dominican Republic, and particularly in the Dominicus area, electricity has a high cost.

    • Turn off everything that is not in use.

    • Use air conditioning only as necessary.

Gas and stove use

  • The stove works with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The tank is located outside the apartment, in the shed next to the pool, it is marked with the number 303.

  • To activate the stove's sparkler, use the button on the left side of the stove. In the cutlery drawer, there is a manual sparkler that you can use as well.

  • Do not dispose of used frying oil in the drain. Collect in a used plastic bottle (make sure is cold first), put the cap on it and discard in the trash.

  • After each use, please clean it the stove. We will appreciate not leaving it full of grease or food scraps.  


  • In the apartment, there are trash bins, one in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom.  There are spare bags in the cabinet, above the washing machine. You can also use empty grocery bags to collect trash. Unfortunately, there is no garbage separation.

  • In the area, garbage is collected every day. The dumpster is located across the street, usually on the corner.

  • On the day of your departure, deposit all garbage outside. Please do not leave any type of waste in the bathrooms or in the kitchen.

Water heater.

  • The water is heated by means of an electric heater. It is a high consumer of electricity, we kindly ask to use it only when necessary.

  • To activate it, find the timer switch near the washing machine, on the right hand side  Turn fully to ctivate it.


  • In case you need to fill the jacuzzi, outside the tub you will see two valves. The red valve is used to fill the tub. Once full, you must close it, otherwise the general water tank will be emptied and the entire condominium may be affected.

  • The blue valve (larger)  It is used to empty the tub. If you want to refill it. This must be closed. Otherwise, water will escape into the drain, and the tub will not fill.

  • Use the "blower" button to activate the bubbles. Use the "pump" button to activate the jets.

  • The water should be treated with chlorine once a day. Add a splash of chlorine and run the PUMP for at least 10 minutes.

  • Never leave children unattended in the hot tub.

  • Do not use the hot tub if you have drunk excessively or eaten too much.

  • Do not use glass objects near the hot tub.

  • Use the hot tub at your own risk.

To use water heater, turn clockwise To use water heater,


  • The router is placed on the cabinet next to the bed,  in the master bedroom. There is a network extender, located in the living room, connected to the outlet next to the front door.

  • The service is by fiber optic.

  • The standard speed is 20 Mb of download and 5 of upload.  

  • If for any reason you lose connectivity or experience problems, before reporting it, turn off the router by unplugging it, wait three minutes, and  reconnect it.

  • Networks: CLAROFR69P and  CLAROFR69P_EXT
    Password: 48575443F19C7EA4

Broken items, cleaning fee.

  • If you break any object, please do not throw it away. Report it by sending me a message on WhatsApp or Airbnb, with a photo. and save it.  

  • Any broken item will be charged at a replacement price.  

  • Your rate includes a cleaning fee. We expect clients to make reasonable use of the property. In case of having to carry out a deep cleaning due to negligence or abuse by the client, an additional fee will be charged accordingly, which will be requested through Airbnb, with the corresponding photographic evidence.

Safety Advice

  • Whenever you go out, close and secure the windows, especially those on the balcony and the one leading out onto the Jacuzzi terrace. The windows should be closed, to prevent rainwater from entering.

  • While inside, use the security chain on the front door.

  • Do not open the door to strangers.

  • Do not open the door to people who say they come to inspect the apartment or to repair breakdowns that you have not previously reported. Contact me immediately.

  • Do not invite strangers to the apartment.

  • Do not leave valuables in sight.

  • Do not share the  entrance code and Wi-Fi password with anyone.

  • The entry codes are changed every time a new guest arrives.

  • In your car, do not leave valuables in sight. Lock your car.

  • If you notice anything strange, contact me immediately.

The day of your departure:

  • Take out the garbage and deposit it in the container that is outside the condominium.

  • Make sure the stove is shut-off and  there are no gas leaks.

  • The dishes must be washed, and the stove clean.

  • The tub pump must be off. It is OK to leave the tub with water in.

  • Verify that the water heater is off.

  • Leave used towels next to the sink. Please do not throw them on the floor.

  • Verify that all lights, fans, and other appliances are off.

  • Close all windows and doors in the apartment. 

  • Make sure you don't forget any of your belongings. We cannot be held responsible for forgotten items.

  • Let me know when you have left, to have the cleaning done.

  • Check out time is 10:00 AM (10:00 hrs). Late check-outs can be accomodated when possible. Please inquire. (fees may apply)

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